Offroad Mini Trucks Company

357 S Maple Grant, MI 49327
, United States


Offroad Mini Trucks Company is a leader in the off-road truck industry. The company is located in Marple Grant, Michigan and it specializes in providing customers with durable and reliable mini trucks that can handle any terrain. The vehicles are designed to handle tough terrain, mud, sand, and rocky roads with ease. Some of the mini trucks they have include the Jumbo Cab, HD Dump, and Crew cab. With a wide variety of off-road mini trucks, everyone has a mini truck that suits his or her needs.

They also offer financing and customization options for those who want to make their vehicles even more unique. The company also has excellent customer service that advises buyers to purchase mini trucks that fit their preferences.

We would give Offroad Mini Trucks a rating of 9.4 out of 10 based on the quality of mini trucks, excellent customer service, customization, and after-sales service.



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