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Duncan Imports and Classics is a company that deals with a wide range of vehicles like Japanese right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles in the USA, Canada, and worldwide. They are based in Christiansburg, Virginia, and Nashville, TN. You can be assured to get a wide range of classic cars, Japanese domestic models, and mini truck imports to choose from. Some of the brands available are Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and other foreign automakers.

Apart from JDM vehicles and antique cars, they also have an inventory of high-quality spare parts and accessories for vehicles including Japanese mini trucks. They also do third-party inspections for both foreign and domestic vehicles.

If you are searching for JDM, mini trucks, and classic cars nearby or overseas, Duncan Imports are just a visit or a call away. On a scale of 1 -10, we would rate them a 9.6 score due to their expansive inventory, customer service, and deliverability.


Website: https://www.duncanimports.com

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