Nippon Imports

Jacksonville, Florida
, United States


Nippon Imports is based in Jacksonville, Florida. They source vintage luxury cars and Mini Trucks then import and sell them in the United States. To remain relevant in the game, they strive to be unique in the industry by providing a comfortable and an amazing experience for their customers. They have achieved this by making the transaction process as seamless as possible. They take care of everything, including the tedious paperwork involved when clearing a vehicle and having it registered. 

Nippon Imports has partnered with various financial institutions to make the process of acquiring the Mini Truck you desire seamless. If you wish to get yourself a mini truck from Nippon Imports but need financing, then you may opt to work with some of their partners including Woodside credit, Lightstream, and JJBest. 

Nippon Imports have received positive feedback from its customers and are definitely a good company to work with. On a scale of 1-10, we woudl comfortably give them a solid 9.4. 



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