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Indiana Imports is a premiere Mini Truck importer that is based in Pennsylvania. Their primary business is to offer high-quality services to the client through the import and sale of Kei trucks. They save you from the importation hassle and offer their clients a fully serviced and titled mini truck. 

Indiana Imports brings 25 years old Japanese Mini Trucks to the United States which are street-legal in most states. They have professionals who check and ensure that the imported mini trucks are in perfect working condition for the end user. They offer top-notch bed liner services with high-quality spray-on that gives the mini trucks' beds credible looks and extends their life span. They also have mini truck replacement tires, spare parts, and also do servicing. 

Indiana Imports have served many customers over the years who laud their services. On a scale of 1-10, we give them a solid 9.5.



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