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Frosted Mini Trucks is a family-owned Japanese Mini Truck importer from North Dakota. Their foundation is rooted in farming, and it all started when they needed a truck that is fuel efficient during winter. After they tried the Japanese mini truck it did not let them down and saw many advantages with them. They ventured into it as a business and have since grown to be among the biggest players in the country.

Frosted Mini Trucks have a collection of used mini trucks for its customers at an affordable price. The mini trucks they import and sell are mainly for off-road use in farms or hunting. Apart from selling mini trucks, they have professional mechanics for servicing and maintenance, among other things like mounting 6-way snowdog blades and blackline plows for winter. 

Based on customer feedback and testimonials, Frosted Mini trucks are trustworthy and reliable. We would confidently give them a rating of 9.4 out of 10.



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